Jig Documentary Goes Behind-the-Scenes for the 40th World Irish Dancing Championships

Trailer for Jig

Jig, a new documentary about the 40th World Irish Dancing Championships (2010) is set for release in the UK next month. From Bankside Films, Jig takes a look at the intensity and commitment, along with the self-sacrifice, one also finds in such seemingly diverse settings as ballet training and beauty competitions.

According to director Sue Bourne, this is the first time an outsider has been allowed to film this event from the inside. Bourne worked on the film for two years following nine dancers from such countries as Holland, Russia, America and Ireland to the 40th World Irish Dancing Championships in 2010.

She had this to say about her documentary:

“It was revolutionary to see how hard these kids work, and they’re not looking to go on the X-Factor for fame and glory, they’re working to be the best at what they do. I don’t make tacky tabloid films. It’s about family and sacrifices and children and growing up…The end of the film isn’t a portrait of winning at every cost, it’s a portrait of a ten year old dealing with defeat with grace. I defy anyone not to be mesmerised.”

It sounds like a good movie but, not to sound disrespectful, I just don’t know how much curly hair I can handle!

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