Indonesian Dancing Cop Goes Viral, Receives Praise from National Police Chief

“Gorontalo Police Goes Crazy” (at 45 seconds)

First Brig. Norman Kamaru, an Indonesian police officer, made a little lip-syncing dance video while seated as his post that has gotten him in a bit of trouble for dancing on the job. Kamaru was dancing to a song by Indian movie star Sahrukh Khan, Chaiyya-Chaiyya, and he’s got some decent if low-key moves!

Though he might face disciplinary action, the officer has received lots of support online and even received praise from Gen. Timur Pradopo, Indonesia’s National Police Chief, for his creativity, though the General clarified that local cops would still discipline Kamaru.

Kamaru also received praise from a fellow officer who stated:

“He sings and dances to entertain us, he makes us laugh. He’s a star.”

Let’s hope he gets off easy for making such productive use of his time. As one web commenter stated:

“They shud punish the cop sitting behind him staring at his phone wasting his time. Not the one who entertained himself and others in his spare time.”